Madison-Ridgeland Academy uses technology to combat concussions

Madison, Miss. (WJTV) — With football season right around the corner, Madison-Ridgeland Academy is focused on keeping student-athletes healthy. The school is using software from C3 Logix to diagnose concussions, “So this is on an iPad,” explains Chyna Ward with Mind Matters Foundation, “It’s easy, accessible, for the athletic trainers. It’s a baseline test or a neuro-assessment.”

Ward explains what a baseline is, “When you get your glasses, that’s your baseline. This is just for the brain.”

Mind Matters Foundation partnered with C3 Logix to get this software into Madison-Ridgeland Academy. Ward says, “These tests can range anywhere from $300 to $1,200-$1,500 depending on who’s administering them.”

Student Perry Powell runs track and cheers for MRA. She’s never had a concussion but knows fellow students who have. Of the new tech, Powell says, “iI think it will make people feel more safe and have more confidence in how we’ll be treated.”

MRA athletic trainer Casee Rhodus says this is different from other programs she’s used, “Ii’ve used other programs in the past and they weren’t as involved as C3. So usually we would just put them in a room and have them go through the assessment but with this one they’re actually having to physically do stuff which is the way I want it to happen and how it should happen because they are going to be physically doing stuff on the field.”

The Mind Matters Foundation is providing the program free for one year so the school can not only use it during football season but in all other sports programs.

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