Athletes, coaches from Ole Miss & MSU visit patients at Batson

Photo: WJTV

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Athletes from two universities visited Batson Children’s Hospital Tuesday.

Ole Miss Head Coach Hugh Freeze made his stop this morning.

Mississippi State Head Coach Dan Mullen stopped by the hospital in the afternoon.

“I wanna use my platform to give back to the community in some ways,” said Gabe Myles, a wide receiver for MSU. “I can’t figure out too many ways to give back to these kids. It’s wonderful and anytime I can I just love to give back.”

“You know they get to look around the locker room, look at each other and see how fortunate they are and the opportunities they have been given in life and hopefully they all band together and take advantage of those opportunities,” Mullen said.

“Everybody goes through trials and difficult times at one time or another, but when you see these families that are battling with issues far greater than what you’re going through it kind of puts things into perspective for you,” said Freeze.

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