Local group works to create future homeowners

Earlier this week we told you about a service organization demolishing abandoned properties in Jackson.

Now there is another group that has teamed up with a local church to not only transform those abandoned homes, but also puts quality homeowners back in the community.

“We can, with different entities participating, restore these homes. Put them back together and create homeownership,” Pete Sarullo, Founder of Construction Ministries said.

The future construction is the beginning stages of a dream coming to fruition. It’s an idea that started ten years ago by a man with a vision to make Jackson better.

“It allows investors to come in, and I have convinced a group of investors that they can come into a community like this and make a reasonable return on their investment,” Sarullo said.

Sarullo, a third generation builder from Greenville, has partnered with Rosemont Missionary Baptist Church in Jackson to acquire abandoned homes that have become the property of the state.

The founder of the faith based group says he was inspired by homeless teens who offered to help him fix a home he was working on back in 2007. He continues that same type of partnership to this day by putting people back to work in their communities.

“It allows me to bring you the parolees who are non-violent. People who need a new start for people who need a start, and what I have found over the years is that when these kids or people come in and they help, and they help prepare a home, part of them is in that house,” Sarullo said.

Construction Ministries buys the homes, uses funding by investors to refurbish them, and move quality people in who are looking for a break.

“It allows investors to come in, and I have convinced a group of investors that they can come into a community like this, and make a reasonable return on their investment, while also making the community better,” Sarullo said.

Rosemont church finds people who are good fits for the home. Leaders say the elderly, disabled, or families facing financial hardship are welcome. For people who don’t qualify for a standard mortgage, investors pick up the mortgage, allowing them to work towards becoming homeowners.

“The homeowners here have driven out the criminal element, they have driven out to gangs, and they have driven out the gangs. The help of police and now the church through its outreach has made sure that it stays this way, so they have a great starting point that didn’t happen overnight,” Sarullo said.

For more information on moving into one of the homes or helping with the rebuilding efforts, click here.



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