Woman says she was almost hit during police chase

BRANDON, Miss. (WJTV)- A Brandon woman is happy to be alive after she says she was nearly hit by Pearl Police during a chase.

Tammy Dickerson says she was walking across State St. when a swarm of Pearl Police cars were in hot pursuit of a suspect.

“I screamed and ran across to the other side of the street,” said Dickerson. “I was shaking and I couldn’t breathe,” she added.

The chase started in Pearl and ended in a two car crash in front of University of Mississippi Medical Center.

“They were blazing and swerving. It looked something off of T.V,” explained Dickerson.

The woman suspect was arrested but the status of the driver, she appeared to hit, is unknown.

Pearl police have not said what started the chase, but Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance says he was told it was sparked by a traffic violation.

Jackson City leaders spoke out at tonight’s council meeting.

“We have talked about this over and over again. We have seen people get killed,” said Vance.

“You’re chasing someone one over a misdemeanor,” explained Councilman Kenneth Stokes. “You are putting everyone else in danger and that’s just stupid.”

WJTV is told Pearl Police will have more information about the chase Wednesday.

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