Improvements coming to the Old Depot Museum

Vicksburg, MISS (WJTV)- Some improvements are coming to the Old Depot Museum, in Downtown Vicksburg.

The Old Depot Museum was once the high traffic train station in the area. Now, inside the building sits artifacts, some dating back to before World War 2. Director and Curator, Dave Benway, says the museum is “an attraction that provides instruction, information and memories.”

The Vicksburg Convention and Visitors Bureau recently moved its offices from upstairs and the museum has plans to expand. “the largest part of the expansion will be moving the diorama upstairs,” says Benway. The diorama that will be moving is a depiction of the battle field in 1863. The museum’s ship models will also be moved upstairs. The train exhibits will expand on the lower level.

There are 5 museums in Downtown Vicksburg which bring a lot of people to the city. Bill Seratt, Executive Director of the Vicksburg Convention and Visitors Bureau says the city “estimates around 2 million visitors a year.” Seratt adds, “the biggest majority of (visitors) do come in the spring and in the fall.”

The City of Vicksburg received a grant of about $500,000 that will be used to help fix the elevator and to restore the outside of the building. Benway says the windows on the museum also need to be replaced. “the wood is rotted so much that glass is actually falling out of the windows.” Benway hopes the improvements will bring more people to the museum.

He estimates the expansion will take about three months. The Old Depot Museum will continue to stay open during the transition.

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