What’s Working: The Brandon Drug Drawer

BRANDON, Miss. (WJTV) — Weapons in the war on drugs do not have to be complicated.

Anyone who was alive in the 1980’s remembers the “Just Say No” campaign.

Another easy step is to remove temptation. Leftover medication in a cabinet can fall into the wrong hands. Drugs are welcome at the Brandon Police Department, as long as you make a beeline for a very sturdy box inside the front door.

Sergeant Joseph French explains, “We’re seeing everything. Prescription drugs, and over the counter drugs to even people’s vitamins they don’t want to take any more.”

Flushing or throwing medications in the garbage could raise environmental concerns. A simple drawer removes all about from the equation. Once it slams shut, those drugs are gone!

French says, “No you’re not gonna get ’em back.”

So what happens next?

Sgt. French says, “Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics will either pick it up, or we’ll take it down to their facilities, and they destroy it for us.”
MBN incinerates tons of narcotics each year, and that’s a good start.
Sgt. French concludes, “With the opioid epidemic that we are seeing right now, it’s a great tool for us to have and it’s also in a secure location at the Brandon Police Department.”

The box came to Brandon in 2015; a non-profit group secured grant money to pay for it. One way drug drawers.

Several other police departments also have drug drawers. Brandon Police say they empty their drawer quite often.

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