Wanted man captured thanks to help from Belhaven neighbors

Jackson, Miss. (WJTV) — Last week, a Belhaven neighbor noticed a suspicious man going into people’s yards. The neighbor shared a description of that person and their vehicle on the Nextdoor app. The post got dozens of comments and likes and it was those neighbors, working together, that led to 36-year-old Frank Smith’s arrest.

Neighbors tell me a woman thought she spotted him on Laurel Street Tuesday evening. Reed Hogan was down the street at Laurel Park, “They called the police and JPD showed up almost instantaneously.”

But when Jackson Police showed up, Smith took off. Hogan and another neighbor figured Smith would head into a nearby creek so they went to look. Their hunch paid off. Hogan says, “We had to go all the way down south of the creek bed. We probably went 200 yards or so before we actually intersected the guy and JPD went down into the creek bed and apprehended him and was able to get him out.”

“The neighbors look out for one another,” says Hilary Zimmerman, who lives nearby. “That’s why Nextdoor is so important because people are constantly communicating with one another so you know what’s happening and you know who’s involved and you know what to look out for.”

Smith, a wanted man, is facing several charges including Grand Larceny in Ridgeland. He may also face charges in Madison. A spokesperson for Jackson Police Department was unsure if Smith will be charged in the Capitol City. At last check, no bond has been set for Smith who is being held in the Madison County Jail.

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