Several rescued from homes out of floodwater

BROOKHAVEN, Miss. (WJTV) — Emergency responders raced to a neighborhood near Brookhaven to help some families that were trapped in their homes because of the rising flood waters.

“I couldn’t even get out of my house,” said Debbie Graves.

“I’m just glad they were able to come and rescue us because we were really scared,” said Sharon Jackson.

There was a sense of gratitude for the people living on Jake’s trail near Brookhaven. Several families were rescued from their homes as flood waters rose at a rapid pace.

“It was coming through the vent,” Graves said. “We had some roof damage because of a tornado. I could hear the swirling of water underneath my trailer, I looked out, and I knew that when there was going to be about eight more inches, I would be trouble.”

Emergency responders in Lincoln County rushed out to the neighborhood to help the families escape.

Officials say in some sections the water was about waist deep Tuesday. Others were not as bad, yet.

“It wasn’t coming into the house, but it was getting on up there like it was going to,” said Jackson.

“There’s a lot of water in Lincoln County right now and if you run into it, turn around and go another way,” said Lincoln County Emergency Management Director Clifford Gailey said. ” Stop, don’t go through it. Don’t take a chance please.”

One of the women was picked up by a family member and will stay there until she can sort things out. The other was taken to a hotel and is getting assistance from the Salvation Army.

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