Mississippi blues legend is honored with headstone

VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV) — The city of Vicksburg honored Lucille Spann with a headstone for her gravesite.

Spann was from Bolton and had a great blues career in Chicago. She later settled in Vicksburg where she was buried, without a headstone, in 1994 at the Cedar Hill Cemetery.

Today, the Vicksburg Blues Society and the Killer Blues Headstone Project teamed up to put a stone on her grave.

“They realized that Lucille didn’t have a headstone and said if we can arrange to have it installed they would send it to us,” said Shirley Waring with the Vicksburg Blues Society.

Steve Salter is the founder of the Killer Blues Headstone Project. He says Lucille is the 84th headstone given to blues legends.

“They are the ones that created this art and it’s important that they are honored and recognized for that contribution,” said Salter.

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