Opening statements made in retrial of Hinds County District Attorney

Photo: WJTV

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Opening statements were made Tuesday morning in the trial of Hinds County District Attorney Robert Smith.

His attorneys say this trial is about Smith’s search for justice and the attorney generals office corruption of the criminal justice system.

Two witnesses were called. The first was investigator Lee McDivitt who works for the Attorney General’s office.

McDivitt testified regarding smiths involvement with Christopher Butler.

Butler was convicted on drug charges last week. The state says Smith tried to get those charges dismissed.
Gayle Walker was the states second witness. She used to work in

Smith’s office and worked on Butler’s case before she was fired.

“He didn’t answer the phone,” Walker said. “I couldn’t find him.”

“There was no other case. He didn’t show that level of interest in any other case the entire time I was there. None.”

The state also presented 10 documents, saying the paperwork was filed by Smith to get Butler’s trial continued ten times over the course of several months.

The trial continues Wednesday.

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