Internship program opens doors for JPS students

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Although most students get a break during the summer, some high school students in Jackson just wrapped up a paid internship where they learned skills outside the classroom.

Cuanna Robinson wanted to be an OBGYN until she interned with Optometrist Dr. Dewey Handy.

“My experience here has been wonderful learning from Dr. Handy,” said Cuanna. “I learned it in pre exams, and I got the hang of pre exams my first week being here.”

Dr. Handy says he’s worked with dozens of interns through the years, but Cuanna is special.

“I love Cuanna, she’s very proactive I don’t have to tell her to do things she takes the ball does it seems to be focused,” she said.

“Cuanna is one of 100 JPS students who participated in the 2017 Summer Internship Initiative.

Mike Richmond is an internship mentor at Buck Sullivan. He teaches students wielding and how to keep a shop clean along with some job skills that will cross over in any profession.

“I think they have an excellent program going and I’m really happy with what I’ve seen.”

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