William Carey University breaks ground for 2 new buildings

Photo credits: Myka Barnes-Garcia

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WJTV) — William Carey University continues to rebuild after a deadly tornado devastated the campus.

Six months ago, all but one building at William Carey was damaged when an EF-3 tornado hit the campus.

Today, signifies a new beginning as university officials broke ground for two new buildings, Asbury Academic Building and Tatum Court.

“The sadness of losing Tatum Court, our oldest and most beloved building, is tempered by the excitement and the joy of a new Tatum Court,” said Vice-President and Provost of William Carey Dr. Scott Hummel. ” It really kind of represents both the tradition and the strength of Carey but also an incredibly bright future for the university.”

President of William Carey, Dr. Tommy King says it one of their priorities to get Tatum Court back up and running because of it’s significance to the campus.

“Tatum Court is the center of everything. It’s the hub for student services and for the academic and administrative offices,” he said.

We’re told the new buildings will have modern structures.

“In many ways it still has some of the character of the university over the past 100 years and we’re proud of that. But also it definitely has the character, the technology, the new buildings of a university for the 21st century,” said Hummel.

While the buildings are under construction, administration has been located in Lawrence Hall.

“Administrators are sitting in each other’s laps at Lawrence Hall right now and this will give us space and a modern environment to work in,” Dr. King added.

Both building will be complete by Summer of 2018.

The academic center is named in honor of the Asbury Foundation. We’re told they’re donated nearly two-million dollars to recovery efforts.

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