Nissan workers, state leaders react to vote to reject union

CANTON, Miss. (WJTV) – The final decision was revealed Friday night after two days of voting and months of campaigning. Nissan employee Tony Hobson Sr. says, “when they came in with those numbers it was a relief, it was a relief that was good.”

Out of more than 3,000 votes 2,244 were against joining the United Auto Workers Union, which was a blessing for some. “It turned out best for the state of Mississippi we can continue to grow and that’s what we’re doing saving live and saving jobs, it’s the choice of the future it’ll keep our kids working, keep businesses coming here,” says Hobson.

But others see the future of this outcome different. President of the UAW released a statement saying “the courageous workers of Nissan, who fought tirelessly for union representation alongside community and civil-rights leaders,
should be proud of their efforts to be represented by the UAW. the result of the election was a setback for these workers, the UAW and working Americans everywhere, but in no way should it be considered a defeat. ”

Derrick Johnson, interim president/CEO of national NAACP and avid supporter of the union says…”we will continue to support Nissan workers in their work for fair wages, benefits and a decent pension..furthermore,we are shocked by Nissan’s illegal intimidation tactics to discourage workers this week.”

Those for the union wanted a voice that mattered against the mega corporation, those against believed joining would do more harm than good. Nissan officials say they are focusing on bringing workers back together as a team

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