Parents get help from community with school supply giveaways

Jackson, Miss. (WJTV) – Pencils, pens, notebooks and folders are just a few of the things on the list of school supplies that Jackson Public Schools are requiring kids to have for the first day in school.

“2 glue sticks, 2 papers, 2 pencils.” Siara Well at The Ideal Church rattled items off the list. “And I see the school supplies list now and it had like 30 crayons and 24 packs of something else it’s really ridiculous now.”

That’s why Wells came up with the idea to ahve her church hold a school supply giveaway, but with an added bonus.

“The motive was to bring kids back to church,” explains Wells. “I know sometimes it’s hard to get kids in church with all of the other things going on in the world but i feel like the school supply drive will bring kids back and why not give them school supplies to start the year off right.”

The Youth Group at The Ideal Church in Jackson knows how expensive school supplies can be. Recent studies have shown the prices of school supplies increasing drastically over the last several years. One report even claims the cost of these necessities has doubled in the past decade.

“We have to get pencils,” says Canairia Grant, a member at the church. “A lot of paper. We have to get bookbags of course and folders. A lot of folders.”

Grant helped out with the supply giveaway. She says she’s happy to help out the community. Well feels the same, “There’s always something you can give back to people. Whether it’s school supplies or your time of day or anything it really can help someone you never know how well you may be helping that person.”

And Grant has some advice for the kids as well, “Stay focused, do your work and always study for a test or anything. Do what your teacher say because you gone need it.”

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