Mississippi could be home to new auto plant

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Just last week an announcement was made that Toyota and Mazda will join forces to build a 1.6 billion dollar manufacturing plant…but the big question on everyone’s mind is… where will it be located?

Speaker of the Mississippi House of Representatives Philip Gunn says, “availability workforce trained workforce, good infrastructure, good quality of life, these are all things companies look for when they come, we have a lot that in Mississippi.”

North Mississippi is already home to a Toyota manufacturing plant in Blue Springs, “we recently celebrated a 10 year anniversary of them being there and it was a great time of celebration i think they are very pleased they have come and I think they’re finding it a productive decision to come to Mississippi,” says Speaker Gunn.

This new plant is expected to generate around 4,000 jobs, “well i think anytime the possibility of jobs, coming to Mississippi is a good thing  I’d like to see what’s being offered in the way of incentives for them to come what kind of training will be offered to citizens who live here what the pay scale for the jobs would be.”

Governor Phil Bryant is open and welcome to the idea of the joint plant coming to state. He said in part, “we stand ready to grow our existing partnership and strengthen Mississippi’s standing as a global leader in automotive manufacturing.”

Both companies tell us they are still in the beginning stages of planning and no decisions have been made on the location of the plant. The companies will split the cost for the plant equally…and will have an annual production capacity of about 300,000 vehicles

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