Jackson firefighter talks about floodwater rescue

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – On Wednesday, a woman got stuck in floodwater on Monument Street in Jackson.

A firefighter carried her through the floodwater on his shoulders.

Thursday, we had the chance to talk to that firefighter.

His name is Joshua Weems.

Weems described what it was like saving the woman. He says he knew he could get through the high water because he’s 6’ 4” – taller than the car the woman was standing on.

“I looked at her, and she looked at me when I got to the car,” Weems said. He told us the woman he rescued was deaf, so he motioned to her – that she should get on his shoulders. “She proceeded to put her legs on my shoulders and jumped on and I carried her on out,” Weems continued on to say.

We posted video of Weems’ rescue to our WJTV Facebook page. Lots of people called him a hero. He says it’s just part of his job.

“A hero is above me,” he said. “I appreciate them for saying that. I’m not a hero. I’m just a regular fireman,” Weems said.

Weems said he couldn’t have rescued the woman alone. He says he’s grateful for his fellow firefighters who had his back the whole time.

He said any firefighter in his position would’ve done the same thing to save a life.

“I’m just doing a job – a fireman’s job,” Weems said.  ”Any other fireman would do the same thing.”

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