Repair work for Broadway St. in Clinton expected to start this weekend

Broadway St. in Clinton shut down after a water main breaks.

CLINTON, Miss. (WJTV) – A heavily traveled road in Clinton will be shut down for the next several days as crews work to repair a water main break.

As WJTV’s Margaret-Ann Carter reports this comes after a contractor hit a water line.

For the next week mornings and afternoons might be a little difficult to maneuver for Clinton drivers, Broadway Street off of Springridge Road is known as a major cut through, but the heavily traveled road is now down to one lane.

“It’s a cut through to get you to a little parkway that takes you back out to 80 so if you don’t want to drive all the way around with all of the traffic lights you come down here and go through Hamstead,” Dexter Shelby with Clinton Public Works said.

Locals are now going to have to find a new route, nearly half of Broadway street will have to be dug up and completely replaced with new dirt and asphalt.

Dexter Shelby with public works says Thursday afternoon a contractor with AT&T drilled into one of the city’s water lines causing a major water main break, the road then started to cave in.

With rain in the forecast for the next week Shelby says the weather will be their biggest challenge.

“The biggest thing is being able to get materials to repair the road with the rain we can’t get in to dirt pits we can’t get asphalt so just the rain is really keeping us away and keeping us from what we need to do,” Shelby explained.

While it’s a pain for drivers, Shelby says nearby businesses shouldn’t be affected by the detour.

“We got his open where you can travel eastbound so burger king is back up and rolling the comfort hasn’t suffered and the home depot can get what they need concrete trucks are going to this new hotel right now so we’re doing pretty well, ” he said.

A spokesperson with the city of Clinton says because AT&T’s contractor hit a water line marked by the city of Clinton, the responsibility and the check will fall on the contractor.

City leaders hope to start repairs as early as this weekend.

AT&T released a statement to WJTV about the repairs saying, “AT&T is aware of the water main break caused by a contractor at the intersection of Broadway Street, between Springridge Road and Hampstead Boulevard. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.”