Family of man killed at Jackson motel speaks out

David Peden, 57

Jackson, Miss. (WJTV) — Jackson Police continue their search for a woman and 2 men in a red 2004 Ford Expedition in connection with the shooting death of 57-year old David Peden.

Peden’s sister in law, Reba Peden, says Saturday is a day the family will never forget, “It’s devastating. It’s still devastating.”

JPD says Peden was killed early Saturday morning at Hilltop Inn in Jackson.

As police try to figure out why this happened, Peden’s family tries to figure out what’s next, “When somebody dies in such a senseless manner, it’s very difficult to rein in the anger, where you can grieve, because until you can rein in that anger you can’t grieve.”

Despite a lack of closure, certain memories still put a smile on Reba’s face, “Him drivin’ down the road and hitting that train horn on his truck. Man, he’d do that half the time scare the bugebers out of me, but he’d do it on purpose just to get a laugh.”


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