Rankin County man charged with felony dog fighting and animal cruelty

Charged with animal cruelty and felony dog fighting.

RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – On Saturday, Rankin County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 39-year-old, Anton Jerome Clayborne. He is charged with felony dog fighting, animal cruelty and a number of local ordinance violations.

One of 19 dogs found on Clayborne’s property.

Sheriff Bryan Bailey says the Sheriff’s Department obtained a search warrant after receiving a complaint about the conditions of several dogs on Clayborne’s property.

Bailey says while deputies were searching Clayborne’s home on Oak Ridge Way, they found 19 Staffordshire terriers on heavy chains attached to axels buried in the ground.

One of the terriers was found locked in a wire crate, on the back porch, with no water and a 4.5 pound weight attached to its collar.

Deputies also found training equipment; such as a treadmills, slate mills, weighted vests and collars. They also found dog fighting paraphernalia, a large supply of supplements and medical supplies, often found in dog fighting cases.

All of the dogs were transported to a local vet where they are being cared for and examined by a vet.

Clayborne is currently at the Rankin County jail and will appear in front of Judge Kent McDaniel on Monday.

This is still an ongoing investigation.


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