Confederate leader’s great-great grandson believes statues should be placed in museum

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Confederate symbols across the country are coming down in the wake of a deadly protest lead by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia. A descendant of the leader of the Confederate States weighed in on what he thinks should happen to the statutes.

Pesident of the Confederate States Jefferson Davis has a great-great grandson who lives on the MississippiGulf Coast. He says, if the statues that represent what his great-great grandfather fought for must come down, he’d prefer they be put in a museum.

“I’m not ashamed of the statues, and I’m certainly not ashamed of my great-great grandfather,” Bertram Hayes-Davis said.

In Hayes-Davis’ home, a small statue of his great-great grandfather, Jefferson Davis, sits in front of the fire place. A much larger statue of the confederate leader was removed by New Orleans officials in May, which sparked protests and calls for confederate monuments across the country to come down.

“What my concern is that the American public doesn’t know the history of the monuments. And because of the outcry against that, I think it’s a necessity to move it to a museum or historic area where they can be portrayed and studied,” Hayes-Davis said.

Davis’ face is carved into one of the largest confederate monuments in the nation, in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Locals are petitioning to alter the monument, which is considered the symbolic birthplace of the modern Ku Klux Klan. “The symbols of white supremacy are the group or the hate groups that portray that. These are historic figures,” Hayes-Davis said in reference to whether the monuments represent white supremacy.

Thursday morning, President Trump weighed in on the monument debate on twitter.

When asked if he thinks President Trump understands the anger behind the monuments, Hayes-Davis would not comment on the President’s tweets.

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