Mississippi Red Cross workers deployed to provide support for Hurricane Harvey

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — The Mississippi Region American Red Cross is sending disaster relief workers to help out with Hurricane Harvey.

One of the workers left Friday morning to head to Texas to assist neighboring Red Cross regions in the path of the storm. Three others are headed to Louisiana to help with the efforts there.

Red Cross officials said they also have Mississippi volunteers on standby that are prepared to leave as well.

In preparation for Harvey:

  • The Red Cross has more than 17 shelters ready to open and support thousands of people if needed.
  • Trailers full of shelter and relief supplies have been pre-positioned including cots, blankets, comfort and cleaning supplies.
  • More than 30 Red Cross emergency response vehicles activated with about 20 more on alert.
  • The Red Cross is also working in close collaboration with government officials and community partners in both Texas and Louisiana to coordinate potential response efforts.

The Red Cross is urging those who might be affected by the storm to take action now:

  • build a disaster kit
  • come up with an emergency plan
  • be informed about how local authorities will notify you during a disaster, whether through local media or NOAA Weather Radio stations or channels.

If you would like to get more information about about the Red Cross or would like to donate, visit the organization’s website.


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