Fashion show helps raise awareness about crimes against seniors

HINDS COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) — The Hinds County Sheriff’s Office put on a fashion show to raise awareness for crimes against senior citizens.

Criminals targeting senior citizens is something we see all too often which is why the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office put this together to show senior citizens how to protect themselves from scams.

“It’s showing just what uniform is knocking at your door so you won’t be fooled by just somebody in plain clothes,” Sheriff Victor Mason said.

Sheriff Mason says a lot of times crime isn’t random, criminals will choose their target based on who they think is more vulnerable.

“A lot of times seniors are being monitored by different people as people will come and go. Also, they want to catch them at a point where maybe they don’t have any visitors or anybody that especially if there is a senior and they don’t have anybody that’s checking on them on a regular basis,” Bonnie Moore Shelton with ‘seniors and law enforcement’.

That’s why representatives with JPD, MHP, MDOT, ups and even Xfinity showed up to today’s event to show what a real employee will wear on the job.

“I’m more conscious when I go to the door always look through the peephole first if I don’t recognize them I don’t even let them know I’m there,” senior citizen, Paulette Lloyd said.

It’s not just the people at your door that can be dangerous, con artists are taking to the phone lines to scam people into giving them money.

“Don’t be quick to open your door and don’t accept every phone call don’t listen to everything that a person says on the phone because there are so many scams they want them to send them money a lot of them have really been taken advantage of monetary wise,” Bonnie Moore Shelton said.

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