Shooting victim tells his story, seven years later

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Nearly a decade after being shot during an attempted robbery, a Jackson man is speaking about his experience as a crime victim in the city.

On this day seven years ago, Lavuntae’ Lashley woke up in a hospital bed. He didn’t think that the day before that, his new Cadillac Escalade would make him a target to criminals.

“I didn’t know how nice it was. So I’m really just trying to I enjoy my truck or whatever. So all the windows are down,” Lashley said.

As he waited for the stoplight at Cooper Road and Terry Road to turn, that joy turned into danger when the person in the next car got out. “I couldn’t hear because the music was up just that loud. By the time I turned the music down that’s when I remember him saying give me your money,” Lashley said.

He says when he saw the man’s gun, he reached for his. But, it was too late. The robber shot him, and sped off. Lashley was able to pull into the Burger King parking lot. But, he collapsed trying to get out of the truck. “It felt like that concrete was literally on top of me, because it feels like a weight,” he said.

Lashley said the doctor told him he could risk being paralyzed if they removed the bullets from his arm and back. So they’re with him forever, but he hasn’t held on to the anger he had almost a decade ago.

“I could easily hate the people here. I could easily hate young men, hate anybody that fits that type of description, I could. But the God I serve basically helps me to accept people where they are.”

And he doesn’t let his experience scare him away from the city, “There are people doing these kind of acts everywhere, not just in Jackson.”

No arrest was ever made in the shooting.

Lashley told me that the day after, a detective said another attempted robbery happened in the same area that night. Except that time the victim was quick enough shoot back, and killed the robber.

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