Overflowing dumpster leaves church leaders upset

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Neighbor to an old shopping center turned dumping ground is Cornerstone Baptist Missionary Baptist Church, where Reverend P.J. Williams and church goers say they are forced to look at this eye sore. He says “we do not want that kind of eye sore in our neighborhood.”

Councilman Kenneth Stokes wants action to be taken as well, “come clean this mess up, we’re sick of it. we’re tired of it. You don’t need to disrespect God by having this kind of eye sore between two different churches.”

Councilman Stokes believes the responsibility falls back on the property owner who we’re told is trying to restore the building, “move the dumpster don’t leave the dumpster out here, remove the dumpster take it away and when you clear up all the paper work with the city then bring it back.”

We spoke with the property owner who says he was unaware of the amount of trash that has built up. He says it’s overflowing because people are taking advantage of it. The owner also says the trash should be removed on Tuesday.

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