MARL helps some animals displaced due to Hurricane Harvey

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — The Mississippi Animal Rescue League got the chance to help some of the animals that were displaced because of Hurricane Harvey.

“We learned a lot from Katrina when everybody to us was caught unaware in the animals got left,” said MARL Director Debra Boswell. “These animals, they knew ahead of time, so they were already making preparations to relocate.”

Friday MARL welcomed the ASPCA to their shelters.

The dogs were headed from Houston to an ASPCA shelter in New York and a shelter in Connecticut. They came with 43 dogs.

MARL employees and volunteers helped them and took the dogs for a walk.

ASPCA left their trailer at the MARL shelter overnight and picked up Saturday morning to continue their journey.

“The animals that they are taking are animals that may have been separated from their owners, maybe were inadvertently left,” he said. “Also animals that were with their owners in shelters, but now the water is going down the others can’t stay in those houses yet and perhaps where they are staying animals are not allowed.”

MARL officials said they were glad to help out.

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