Jackson hotels quickly fill up as evacuees flee Florida in preparation for Hurricane Irma

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – As the storm moves in, Floridians are moving out, as they try to escape Irma’s deadly winds. But once evacuees make it to safer ground they face another hurdle trying to find a place to stay.

Just a few days ago Shannon Blair started her job at the Hampton Inn & Suites, “I was not expecting this to happen.”

Little did she know her week of training would quickly turn into a week of non stop phone calls and reservations, “these phone calls and reservations have been coming in all week, since Monday, they hit non stop, and they’re back to back. Making reservations, canceling stuff like that, it’s been crazy.”

For now the hotel’s openings depend on cancellations, but one family traveling from Tampa was lucky enough to reserve one of the few rooms left at the Hampton.

Evacuee, Andres Del Castillo, says, “we actually called a few hotels and they were all booked and then we found this one and got the rooms thank God.”

After traveling for about 20 hours, they say they can rest easy for a couple of days, leaving them with many emotions, “awesome, safe, relief that were not over there, because we don’t know how bad it’s going to get in Tampa.”

Evacuee, Alonso A. Zuleta, says, “you don’t know what’s going to happen when you come back, but in the end it’s all materialistic as long as you can save your life and be together with your family in a safe spot that’s what matters everything else can be start over again.”

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