Mississippi woman gets stuck in Florida as evacuations are made before Hurricane Irma

Jackson, MISS. (WJTV)- A Yazoo County woman visiting family in Florida gets stuck as evacuations are made before Hurricane Irma is expected to hit. The woman says it took over a day to make it back to the Magnolia state.

Coretta Dennis and her family spent hours Thursday stuck on Interstate 75 trying to leave Sarasota, Florida. Dennis says cars were bumper to bumper on the interstate. “You’ll go maybe a mile, wait maybe 2 hours,” says Dennis.

It took the family 12 hours to get to Gainsville, Florida. They were able to take a break at a rest stop, along with many others trying to get out of the area. Dennis says, “people had to park on the interstate because there were so many cars.”

After getting some rest, the family hit the road again. Traffic was still bumper to bumper as they made their way through Madison, Florida. She tells us they had to battle long lines to get food and use the restroom.

Some travelers were not able to go any further because they ran out of gas. “It breaks my heart knowing that there are people there at the rest stops going to wait the storm out,” says Dennis. “They’re at the rest stops because they don’t have anywhere to go.”

Some people were lucky enough to find shelter in Mississippi. Christy Beiser recently relocated to Florida before the hurricane warnings. Beiser says, “it’s a very uneasy feeling. I never been through anything like this before.” She adds, “I just wonder what we’re going to be going back to and how long we’re going to be waiting this out.”

The Dennis family was able to make it to Ocean Springs, Mississippi. A drive that would normally take 9 hours, took the family 28 hours. Coretta Dennis says she’s going to wait the storm out with her family and try to find a way to help others while in Ocean Springs.

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