Lt. Governor visits Vicksburg Warren School District

VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV) — Mississippi Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves visited several schools in the Vicksburg Warren School District.

Reeves visited students at Dana Road Elementary, and the River city Early College High School. He also stopped by the Career and Technical Education Center.

WJTV got the chance to catch up with Reeves and discuss education and funding with him.

“There are a number of challenges but what I’ll tell you is Mississippians are rising up and meeting those challenges we’ve tried to raise the level of expectations in the last five or six years at the state level, and that’s been met with some opposition and some struggles.”

Reeves said he knows that many districts are in need of funding.

“I think it will be a topic over the next few months to work with some of our school superintendents and other to see if we can really come up with something that works long term,” he said.

Superintendent Chad Shealy said the district had seen improvements overall.

“We have increased our graduation rates almost 20 percent that’s about 10 percent higher than the state average.”

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