Rankin County deputy praised for act of kindness

RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) — People in Rankin County are praising a sheriff’s deputy after he is caught on camera doing a good deed.

Deputy Joseph Daughtry says that he was fueling up at the gas station before work when he heard a little voice behind him when he turned around it was a little girl that had come up to him to thank him for all that he does.

“She gave me a hug, and it really jump started my day,” he said.

Autumn King snapped a photo of Daughtry leaning over to in an honorary Junior Deputy’s badge on one of his biggest fans.

“She was just waving like crazy, and she was like thank you for what you do, and I said thank you,” he said.

Her eyes just got so big and started smiling and what we do when we honorary swear our junior deputies in we tell them that they have to make sure to listen to their parents do their work in school and be a good young citizen.”

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