Day of Service: Local church volunteers at Jackson Zoo

Jackson, MISS. (WJTV)- The Jackson Zoo got received a nice makeover Saturday morning thanks to a local church. It’s a yearly event for church members to give back by beautifying areas around the metro.

The annual day of service is put on by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Church member Greg Cronin says they “try to find things that are a part of the public assets.” He adds, church members like to volunteer their time at places that are “typically paid for by tax dollars.”

Henry Sockbeson has been volunteering for the past two years. He says coming to the Jackson Zoo is one of his favorite locations. ‘The zoo… it needs some help. So it’s nice to come out here and give it the help it needs.”

Church members and volunteers helped with the more tedious tasks around the park like mulching the grounds, pressure washing, and cleaning the exhibits. Cronin says, “if you think about the man hours involved just putting the mulch out at the zoo- we will do in 2-3 hours what will take a crew over a week to put out.”

The crew also made improvements to the cougar enclosure by adding a tiered platform for the animals to play on.

The church says the best thing about the day of service is that everyone is able to lend a hand, including the kids. Church members also volunteered at the other organizations around the metro as part of their day of service.

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