Lincoln County could spend $85K on possible capital murder trial

LINCOLN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Corey Godbolt, the man accused of the deadliest shooting spree in Lincoln County, is awaiting to hear whether a grand jury will indict him of seven murder charges and one capital murder charge.

The county is preparing for the possibility of hosting the most expensive trial in county history.

Supervisors voted on Friday to increase the criminal justice budget by $85,000 to cover expenses for the possible Corey Godbolt trial.

“We talked to the D.A. and he said you know anywhere from $60,000 to $100,000 would be his guess,” County Adminstrator Dave Fields said.

He added the criminal justice budget covers operating courts, the sheriff’s department, their jails, and the public defenders office.

The $85,000 bill would also cover expert witnesses, which the county circuit clerk says could cost anywhere between $10,000 to $25,000 each.

To compare, we’re told a typical one day trial with jurors is about $3,000 for the county. “I’ve always heard until this happened that a capital murder charge could bankrupt a county,” Fields said.

Police say Godbolt went on a shooting rampage that left eight people dead at three murder scenes.

If this case goes to trial, there is a possibility it won’t be held at the courthouse in Lincoln County. If that happens, it could add more costs on to the bill.

If the grand jury doesn’t indict Godbolt, he would have already cost the county thousands of dollars. “We spent about $10,000 on attorney fees just to do his preliminary hearing,” Fields said. And according to the circuit clerk, it costs the county around $30 each day he’s in jail.

Lincoln County’s district attorney says the state crime lab is about halfway through processing evidence. He hopes to present the case to the grand jury by December.

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