Volunteers to help clean Spillway fishing area this weekend

(WJTV) — The Spillway fishing area below the Barnett Reservoir dam will be closed to recreation on September 23 and September 24.

Crews will conduct the Pearl River Clean Sweep during that time.

This is an intensive water and shoreline trash removal effort that begins at the Pearl River headwaters near Philadelphia and continues to the Gulf Coast.

“We are going to close the spillway area to fishing those two days because we felt it was unsafe to have people cleaning up at the same time people are fishing,” said John Sigman, PRVWSD General Manager. “Plus, we are hoping that fishermen will join in the cleanup. Keeping the spillway area clean has long been a problem and recently became a priority.

Officials said volunteers would be in kayaks, canoes, and powerboats on the river and its many tributaries.

The Rankin County side will not reopen until all work is completed on Sunday.

For more information on Operation Clean Sweep, including becoming a volunteer participant, visit the Pearl River Clean Sweep’s website. 

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