Pearl Police Officer delivers pizza to students with good grades

Video Courtesy: Lt. Brian McGairty, Pearl Police Dept.

PEARL, Miss. (WJTV) – A Pearl Police Officer makes good on his promise to several students to reward them with pizza if they receive good progress reports.

Sgt. Archie Bennett is using his title to bring the community together with community policing efforts. He and some of the other officers at the Police Department surprised the kids at Payton Garden Apartments.

Sgt. Bennett can be seen in the video saying, “We’re going to give them some pizza and something to drink, just to reward them, an incentive for doing well in school.”

In the video, you can see students getting off a school bus and walking towards the officers with smiles on their faces.

“We want to encourage them to keep doing well, and not only that but we want them to understand that we are proud of them and that we’re here for them,” Sgt. Bennett continues.

The video shows nearly a dozen kids lining up to grab slices of Pizza from Pearl’s finest. Officers can be seen handing out pizza and Capri Suns to each child and then talking with them.

Video Courtesy: Lt. Brian McGairty, with the Pearl Police Department.


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