Marydale Drive drug bust; 1 wanted, 1 in custody

Left to Right: Turner, Norris

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — One person is in custody and another person is wanted after the Jackson Police Narcotics Unit found drugs in a Marydale Drive home.

Authorities are looking for 37-year-old Marlin Norris. Authorities arrested 21-year-old Naquweshua Keawanna Turner.

Police served a search warrant on Marydale Drive around 8 a.m. They found 11 pounds of high-grade marijuana, 66 grams of powdered
cocaine, 40 grams of crystal methamphetamine, more than 300 prescription pills and about $20,000 in cash.

Officers also confiscated a black 2000 Mercedes Benz.

Police said the drugs seized are street valued at more than $84,000. Combined with the cash seized, the total value of the items collected during the search warrant was worth over $103,000, not including the value of the seized vehicle.

Anyone who knows the whereabouts of Norris, contact police.

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