One year later, Justin Jones’ family asks for closure

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Wednesday marks one year since Justin Jones, 32, was found gunned down in Presidential Hills Park.

His family is pleading for answers in the unsolved case. They held a vigil in his honor at the park Wednesday night.

Police say Jones was found with several gunshot wounds to his back and chest, after he had attended a vigil for a friend who had been killed a week before.

Police think he never left the park.

The person responsible was never brought to justice.

Police Chief Lee Vance joined Jones’ family and made a statement, “In a lot of cases, we actually know who the perpetrators are. But to be honest with you, the way the criminal justice system works it’s not enough to know it. You’ve got to be able to take it to the court of law and prove it.”

All the family wants now is for someone in the community to come forward with an answer.

Earlier this summer Crime Stoppers put up a $2,500 reward for information that leads police to an arrest in Jones’ case.


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