Cruisin’ The Coast 2017

(WJTV) — For the last 21 years, classic car collectors and enthusiasts have gathered in Gulfport to celebrate their collective love of vintage vehicles.

“Where else can you see so many beautiful cars and meet such nice people?” said Buster Tindel, owner of a white 1968 Chevy Corvair.

Cruisin the Coast has grown over the years. When it started it was just a three day event with only 347 registered vehicles. These days the event lasts up to eight days, with over 8,200 registered vehicles this year.

“The event has grown tremendously,” said Craig Grisoli, the Registration Director for Cruisin’ The Coast. “Cruisin’ The Coast was started to help fill a void in tourism during the traditionally slow part of the year and I think we’ve done that. I think we’ve filled that void pretty well.”

Crusin’ The Coast has been a major success down in Gulfport for the last 21 years. Last year alone, it generated over 26 million dollars in tourism revenue for the state. This year, over 39 states are represented, as well as Puerto Rico and Germany.

This year, however, the event is going to be cut short due to the storm.  It will end on Saturday, making it a seven day event instead of eight. State and local officials want to make sure that everyone visiting the coast is safe.

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