People on the MS Gulf Coast prepare for Hurricane Nate

D’IBERVILLE, MISS. (WJTV) — People are scrambling for supplies and other items as Hurricane Nate gets closer to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Ron Fresh was one of many people getting last minute items before Nate hits. Fresh says he managed to get 60 gallons of gas.

“I’m in pretty good shape. I’ve got a couple generators. And I’ve got gas, natural gas to cook with. All the gas here is for the generators to keep the refrigerators and freezers running,” said Fresh.

In other areas of the Gulf Coast, people were filling sandbags to protect their homes from the storm surge.

People say they are taking this storm seriously.

“We took it (Hurricane Katrina) as a joke, just like all the other ones, until it actually hit. And it was serious when it did hit, so we’re going to be prepared this time,” said Kenny Bullock.

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