What’s Working: MMGA Records

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Hip Hop music is more popular than ever, but sometimes its lyrics are far from family friendly.

A group of Metro-area artists is working to change that. MMGA Records believes they have the talent on their roster, and the ambition it will take, to change the sound of music. They want to make the world a better place one lyric at a time.

MMGA stands for Making Music Great Again. It’s a collaboration of Jackson area artists with a passion for making hip-hop more positive.

Marcos “Hugo” Dotson is the founder and owner of MMGA.

“We’re trying to remove some of the violence and gang relation, drugs from hip-hop,” he said.

Hugo knows there are bad things in society, but there are plenty of good things out there, too.

Artists like Shane Thompson, Certeza, and Tommy Shorts pour their souls into the beats, lyrics, and production. It all adds up to some pretty sweet sounds.

“Upbeat, good vibes, good for anyone, any age,” he said.

Right now their music is only available online, but they are working towards more traditional outlets.

Stefan Todd is a producer at MMGA. He says,

“When he first showed me the guys, all their songs, and everything I was in shock,” he said. “I thought these dudes were actually famous like this stuff sounds really, really good.”

Stefan says, “Every single day man, we’re putting in the work,” Stefan said. “Even on our off days, we’re still on. Just real positive good people making good music.”

Now, they want the whole world to listen.

Hugo concludes, “I feel like we can change the way people think. How they behave. How they act., through music, but all we need is that platform to get our music out there to reach everybody around the world, and hopefully change lives.”

Hugo is hoping to play some football halftime shows and pep rallies this season.

Hugo is the brother of the late WJTV 12 Reporter Melanie Dotson. He dedicates his music career to her.

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