Vicksburg woman worries about her father, stuck in Puerto Rico

Vicksburg woman receives a devastating text from her father in Puerto Rico

VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV) – A Vicksburg woman receives a devestating text from her father trapped on the islands of Puerto Rico.

As WJTV’s Margaret-Ann Carter reports Puerto Ricans are struggling to rebuild three weeks after hurricane Maria flattened their community, and the effects are being felt right here in Mississippi.

Nancy McCormick says she’s been living in constant fear since hurricane Maria hit, constantly worrying if her 65 year old diabetic father is okay.

Just when she thought things were getting better for her family on the islands, she got a text that would sink her heart.

“He said things are getting worse he’s not getting water anymore he’s not getting electricity,” McCormick said.

McCormick has had limited communication with her dad, every call and text she gets from him lets her know he’s still alive. This latest message from her father has her more worried than ever.

“He told me things are getting worse because they’re not getting their supplies and things they need. I lost my mom through cancer I can’t lose my dad,” she continued.

“I hope we get portable water electricity and medicines soon,” her father writes her, “food is running out in the stores.”

McCormick lets the tears roll as she describes the helpless feeling she has thinking about her father, “My dad has no power, my dad has no water, my dad has nothing, my dad has even given his own diabetic medication,n as far as the insulin and all of that stuff, just to help them.”

This text came on Wednesday which is one day before President Trump took to Twitter threatening to pull federal aid and emergency responders out of Puerto Rico.

“I’m frusterated because I voted for President Trump but you know what, I want Trump’s kids to go down there and live like my father is living,” she said.

McCormick is trying to get her dad to Mississippi before it’s too late, but doesn’t have the funds to do so.

“I can take care of him when he’s here I can’t take care of him when he’s over there,” she explained.

McCormick says she is working to put together a go fund me account or set up an account at her bank for anyone willing to lend a helping hand. We will continue to keep you updated with the progress of any bank accounts set up on our website.


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