Canton Police Still Looking For Suspects in Dangerous Robbery

We are learning more about shooting in the Canton that left a man unconscious, and his friends and family now living in fear. That terrifying moment changed that family’s life forever. Canton police say they are still working to identify the suspects.

“”They didn’t see anybody. Someone came from this corner, and the other one comes from this side. Two of them,” he said. “The Guy who came from this side, he pointed the gun and told (us) to lie down. We laid down together, and the other one turned around, and they shot him.”

You can still see the stitches in the back of the victim’s head. What is even more apparent is the fear and uncertainty he feels after surviving a close call with unexpected evil.

With an interpreter by his side, the man relives those scary moments when he had a friend over Wednesday night. He asked to remain anonymous out of fear for his safety.

He and his friend were working on his car outside of his home on Otto Street Wednesday night. Police tell us two men came from his backyard demanding money and pointing a gun.

They shot one of the men in the head, and pistol whipped the other. After ransacking the house, they left with the keys to their car, and cash.

“They came close to him and hit him, hit him in the head with the gun a couple of times and kicked him in the body and the other one started checking his pocket.”

Police say the suspects got away with more than$2,000. It’s money those men say they earned honestly by working every day. Canton police tell us men like these victims have become an easy target. Authorities say there is an assumption that those workers are carrying cash. Bill Chandler, Executive Director of the Mississippi Rights Alliance, says it’s a common problem,

“Latinos are vulnerable particularly in places where they at industries like the poultry processing plant there in Canton,” Chandler said.“ People, they get paid to take the checks to cash them and then they have that money and often people, predators will know the pay day, and they will wait for people, and they know where they go after the cash their checks, and they go after them. We have to be there for them to support them, and help them feel comfortable going to the police about these things.”
The man’s wife and children were not home a the time of the robbery. Police are still asking anyone with information that can help in this case to come forward.

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