Two JPS Elementary schools go from ‘F’ to ‘B’ on statewide accountability testing

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – In a failing district two Jackson Public Schools stand out jumping from an F to a B on the statewide accountability test.

WJTV’s Margaret-Ann Carter spent the day with teachers and students at Lake and Spann Elementary to learn more about how they were able to make the improvements.

In 2016 these schools scored an F which was the first time these students used computorized testing, so the very first thing teachers knew they needed to do was simply get the children comfortable with computerized testing.

“One person can’t do it, we set that structure and that vision that was shared here at Lake and everyone bought into that vision and worked to ensure that we attain that goal,” Lekeisha Sutton, principal at lake elementary said.

Principals at both Lake and Spann Elementary say jumping from an F to a B was a community effort, involving teachers, staff, students and parents.

“Such as morning tutorials, afternoon tutorials, and pull outs and we also engaged our families and communities because we need them to understand what we needed from them to move our school from an F to a C or a higher rating,” Sutton said.

Nicole Menotti says her teachers started with familiarizing students with computer testing, then moved on one on one tutoring and test preps.

“We had a very systematic approach to it we did a lot of individualized tutoring we did a lot of work with our curriculum,” Menotti said.

“I tried to increase every day tried to make things more rigorous for the students longer passages different test prep items i know they were going to be on a computer test so I made sure I incorporated the computer in my classroom so they can be exposed to what they will see during testing time,” Spann Elementary teacher, Timothy Rush said.

Sutton credits a large part of their success to constant open communication between the parents and teachers.

“You have to put systems in place we have to determine goals and the district has the systems that we put into place such as focus instructional teams looking at data on a regular basis we have to be very intentional on focusing teaching and learning,” Sutton explained.

Sutton knows her school can always be better, lake students did exceedingly well in science scoring 83 percent but struggled in reading scoring only 19 percent.


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