Hattiesburg Announces New Infrastructure Plan For Ward Five

Surrounded by their constituents, Hattiesburg Mayor Toby Barker and Ward Five Councilman Nicholas Brown unveiled the city’s latest infrastructure plan Friday morning. According to the mayor, the plan will focus on replacing asbestos riddled water lines in the Palmer’s Crossing and Irene Chapel neighborhoods in Ward Five.

Chad Frierson, Hattiesburg’s Water and Sewer Director, said that during construction residents of those neighborhoods can expect some inconvenience.

“During construction there is going to be some inconvenience,” said Frierson. “I mean there’s going to be dump trucks, excavators on the road… The residents are going have to be patient.”

Construction is set to begin on the 15th of November. Mayor Barker said that there is an 180-day time table for when construction will be completed, but that is subject to change due to weather.

Ward 5 councilman Nicholas Brown said that his constituents have been clamoring for a new water-pipe system since he’s been in office.

One of the main reasons the water pipes are being replaced is due to asbestos buildup. James Hughes has been living in Hattiesburg since the 1960s, and said he is very happy this problem is finally being dealt with.

“I’m feelin’ great, great about it,” said Hughes. “I’m sure all of the rest of the residents of Palmer’s Crossing feeling the same way I am. [I’ve dealt with asbestos in] some of my jobs in the military and other jobs, and that disease can kill you.”

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