Hattiesburg High School’s Robotics and Engineering classes create prosthetic arm for toddler

HATTIESBURG, Miss.(WHLT) – A local toddler received a life changing gift Thursday morning.

Arabella Ruff, only 17-months-old, was born without a forearm which has prevented her from holding objects with two hands.

However Thursday, the Hattiesburg High School Robotics and Engineering class presented her with a 3D prosthetic arm.

Paul Ruff, Arabella’s father says he’s grateful for the students, “It’s a very humbling experience to think that these kids will take time out of their schedule and, high school kids got a lot of things to do, but to sit here and spend their time and efforts making this for my daughter is remarkable.”

Clemson Terrell, a 10th grade student at the high school, says he’s glad he could help, “It’s very heartwarming to me, and this whole situation right here brings a tingle down my back, and makes me feel like a great person.”

Robotics teacher Stephen Jordan said making the 3D arm was a learning experience for him and his students.

He said, “I helped do some assembly, I had my two students do some assembly, and I kept the whole class in the loop the whole time what was going on, letting them ask questions. Why am I doing this? Why are we doing this? Just letting it be a continuous learning experience.”

Stephen said making the arm was less than $100 and he’s looking to make more in the future.

“So this is not where it ends, this is only the beginning.”

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