Nichols-Boyd Pumpkin Patch closing

Brandon, Miss. (WJTV) – Sunday, October 29, is the last time families can visit the Nichols-Boyd Pumpkin Patch in Brandon to pick up a pumpkin.

In September, the co-owners of the pumpkin patch decided to close it down after 20 years of operation.

We’re told the pumpkin patch started because to neighbors had a vision.

“Their land adjoins ours,” said part owner A.B. Nichols. “We had the joint venture, and it’s been a labor of love,” Nichols continued on to say.

Throughout the years, people have flocked to the pumpkin patch to celebrate the fall season.

“It’s just a family-oriented fun time for the kids and things, so it’s special,” said visitor Adrienne Vanderloo.

We’ve learned preparation for the pumpkin patch begins each year in August. From then on, the patch requires upkeep seven days a week. The upkeep requires a lot of sacrifice.

“We have grandchildren and our children have varied activities,” said A.B. Nichols. “And we want to support those activities and spend special time with our grandchildren.”

“It’s just time for it to go,” remarked Aiden Boyd, grandson of one of the owners. He continued on to say “I’ve seen people cry. I’ve seen people smile. It’s just time.”

We’re told the family farm will still be open for private events as well as other events throughout December and next year.

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