3 Lamar County teachers receive grants from Mississippi Professional Educators

LAMAR CO., Miss.(WHLT) – Three teachers in Lamar County have received grants that will enhance their students learning in the classroom.

The Mississippi Professional Educators Association awarded up to $40,000 in grants this year to members across the states, three being in Lamar County.

According to the school district, “Anna Sumrall, a second-grade reading teacher at Sumrall Elementary School and an MPE member since 2010, received a grant for a project entitled ‘In A Fact Tracking Mission.’ The project will allow students to uncover informational text, main ideas, supporting details and archives to enrich reading comprehension.”

They continue, “Kerri Lofton, a sixth-grade social studies teacher at Sumrall Middle School and an MPE member since 2016, received a grant funding for the ‘Technology Driven Social Studies’ project, which will use technology to research the geography, government, culture and economics of ancient countries.”

The last teacher to receive a grant was Jessica Burns. She’s a second-grade teacher at Longleaf Elementary School who received a grant for “Wondering Warriors.” We were able to visit Jessica Burns and her classroom to learn more about what she plans to do for her students.

Miss Burns said, “the grant was written for them to wonder about things, and to explore and to enrich their learning experience.”

She said the students have been learning about STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering and math. She hopes with the grant she will be able to give them more opportunities to learn through different activities and hands on projects.

“Today they’re building a spider web bridges and we needed yarn, cups, tape. Yes we do have those things, but when you’re trying to do something each week to help them in their knowledge and enhance their learning experience, it takes funding. So it’s nice to have this grant where I can go ahead and purchase these things.”

Each teacher who’s awarded a grant get up to $1,000. Miss Burns was able to receive over $900 for her students.

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