Adult Wellness Programs to discontinue at Downtown YMCA


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — The adult wellness programs at the Downtown YMCA will soon end.

The staff said they are restructuring the location.

Members will still be able to continue to work-out at the Clinton, Flowood, and Reservoir facilities. The staff says the Adult Wellness Program has continued to decline at the Downtown Y. The program will end on December 1.

They said the Volunteer Board of Directors had to make difficult decisions to make the most of their resources.  The building hasn’t been sold.

Plans are being made for alternative sites outside the Y to continue our focus on Youth Development. The I.S. Sanders Preschool and the CYCDC Teen program will continue at the location.

The staff says they are also working on opportunities to provide more afterschool programming with public school officials and state agencies.  They also said they are working to provide SilverSneakers and senior classes to sites within the city.


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