Trooper school trainees undergo weeks of intense drills

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — The State of Mississippi will soon have some new troopers.

A new class is under training.

Officials tell WJTV 12 that the last time there was a trooper school was in 2015. The trainees will undergo 19 weeks of intense preparation.

WJTV got a closer look at some of the exercises Wednesday.  Officials said the class started with 91 people. There are currently about 80 trainees with 10 alternates.

The state allows MHP to have 650 troopers. Currently, there are 465 active troopers. Officials said of those active, 148 are eligible to retire today.

Of the 10,893 miles of interstate and roadway systems in the state, MHP is responsible for covering 80 percent of that.

Leaders want legislatures to approve funding so that they can start another trooper school immediately after this one is completed.

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