Jackson Police to hold 2018 recruit class, fill 50 positions

Photo: WJTV

Jackson, Miss. (WJTV) — Jackson Police plan to hold a recruit class in Spring 2018. Herman Horton, Commander of Standards and Training for JPD, says they’re looking to fill 50 jobs.

The recruit class will last 14 weeks. On top of the requirements to be a police officer in Mississippi, Jackson police will require their recruits to go through 80 additional hours of training specific to Jackson city ordinances.

“So that we can cover various things that are very pertinent to the Jackson police department such as general orders, city ordinances things of that nature,” says Horton.

The force is currently short-staffed. Right now, there are 368 officers with JPD — short of the budgeted 418 slots.

Horton says, “We have had to pull some of our detectives to supplement our patrol division.”

Recruits must meet the following qualifications:
– U.S. Citizenship
– Good moral character
– 21 years old upon the class graduation date
– High school graduate or G.E.D.
– Must possess a valid driver’s license
– Have no felony convictions or serious criminal background
– Starting salary is $25,900.92
– Salary after a year is $31,037.12

The Police Officer Selection Process includes:
– Written test
– Psychological test
– Polygraph examination
– Background investigation
– Criminal records check
– Drug screening
– Medical examination
– PT Entrance Exam
– Individual interviews

JPD is also looking for already trained officers. Those that have worked within the state would be able to start immediately, without additional training. But Horton says, “Those experienced officers, if they’re from out of state, would have to go through a three-week refresher.”

The starting salary is $25,900.92. After a year, it goes up to a little more than $37,000.

“It’s very comparative to the southern region pay scale and especially here in Jackson and the surrounding area,” says Horton. “However, we do understand, that as time goes on people do have other obligations in their family and personal lives that they feel the need to move onto other jobs in law enforcement.”

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