Firefighters save little girl’s life

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A little girl is recovering after 4 firemen save her from being trapped in her burning home.

Captain John Walker, was one of four fire fighters who responded to the call, “there was so much smoke you couldn’t even see the house in front of you.” And inside a little girl was struggling for her life, “the front interior door was locked.”

So firefighters broke down the front door and were able to get inside,”we went inside and down the hall way to the first room and the little girl was collapsed on the floor by her bed,” says Walker, “we grabbed her and brought her outside and immediately started giving her oxygen.”

For some of the men this call hit a little closer to home, “all of us has kids, and it touched a special part in our heart ya know when a child is hurt we hurt and I’m sure any parent hurts you know if you have a child that’s hurt you just want to save them and make it better.”

The firemen even dropped by the hospital to make sure the little girl was doing okay.

Lt.. Mark Joiner, also responded to the call, “when we saw her there doing well it gave us a great sense of satisfaction that we had done our job well and made a difference.”

And now those men are all being called heroes,” we’re not heroes we’re just doing what we we’re trained to do.”


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