Rankin County investigators intercept marijuana delivery

Courtesy: Rankin County Sheriff's Dept.

Rankin County, MISS. (WJTV) — Rankin County investigators arrested three people after deputies delivered five pounds of marijuana to a home.

We’re told Rankin County Narcotics Officers got a call from the Richland Police Department FLEX unit on Thursday about a package they intercepted. They believed it contained illegal drugs.

Investigators said the package was sent from California to someone on Northford Court. They got a search warrant for the packaged and found the marijuana inside.

Deputies tell us they delivered the package to the address, and it was accepted by Misty Adams. We’re told they detained Adams, David Beard and Thomas Akers II inside the home. Investigators believe Akers’ mother sent the package.

After getting a search warrant, deputies said they found digital scales, syringes, marijuana pipes and a vacuum sealer with plastic baggies. We’re told they found a small amount of methamphetamine and a handgun in Akers’ room, and they also found methamphetamine and a weapon in Adams’ room. Deputies said the found another weapon inside a car on the property.

Adams, Beard and Akers were all three arrested for controlled substance violations.


Thomas Akers II


Misty Adams


David Beard


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